Hyperpigmentation Treatment


Hyperpigmentation is defined as abnormally pigmented areas of skin. Cells known as melanocytes produce an excessive amount of melanin, which can be caused by a variety of reasons, leaving the skin uneven and darker and patchy in appearance. This reduces the radiance and glow of your face and so can make people seem as if they are unhealthy. Regardless of our skin colour all of us have the same amount of melanocytes present in our skin. The only difference is how active they are and the amount of melanin they produce.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Hyperpigmentation Treatment Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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Treating Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can become visible on your skin from increased sun exposure, hormonal changes, pregnancy, genetics, age and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, as a result of any damage in the skin, such as acne. As we start to age the appearance of pigmentation can become more prominent, however these can be improved through the right treatments tailored for you.

Available Hyperpigmentation treatments:

  • Prescription medicines – topical skin care regime
  • Specialised medical skin peels – differing combinations, strength and depths
  • Injection treatments into the skin using a variety of specialised medicines

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