Non Surgical Eye Lift

Filler Eye Lift

If you have loose skin on your upper or lower eyelids then Plexr Soft Surgery may be the solution you are looking for. With this advanced technology we can remove excess creases above and below the eyes as well as crow’s feet. This is will create an eyelid skin tightening and so a ‘lifting’ and rejuvenation effect. The Plexr machine works through Plasma. This is similar to a small ‘lightning bolt’. It turns or ‘sublimates’ solid skin into gas without going through a liquid state. So, Plexr does not actually touch the skin, this means we can eliminate all scalpels, cutting or bleeding. This is all performed under controlled conditions by our expert doctors. They use anaesthetics that will ensure you are quite comfortable during the procedure.

Filler Eye Lift Filler Eye Lift Filler Eye Lift

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Specialists in Eye area treatments

There are various treatment options to help improve your eye area. We can tailor each treatment to your specific needs. Often our eyes are the most striking feature in our faces. They are the first thing people tend to look at when they meet you. If your eyes are bothering you then we have many options to help improve all around your eye area.

The options may include: Plexr treatment, Specialised Filler treatments, PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma, this can also help eyelash growth and rejuvenation. PRP is regenerative medicine and helps the tissues to regrow, like collagen to keep your eyes looking radiant in the long term. For example, specialised dermal fillers can lift dark deep circles, which create the ‘hollowing effect’ within your eyes; they can lift sculpt and rejuvenate around the eye area.

As you realise the eye area is a very delicate area on the face and should only be treated by specialists who are experts in these treatments.

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