Dr Max Malik

Dr Max Malik has over 20 years of medical experience, which enables him to create a personalised system of Cosmetic Medicine, Aesthetic Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. He is a national Clinical Trainer of doctors and Key Opinion Leader for Galderma, one of the world’s leading brands in Aesthetics and Dermatology. As well as teaching other doctors, he is a frequent speaker at many conferences, sharing his knowledge and expertise within the cosmetic industry.

Training Programme


Cosmetics Medical Academy

Do you want to receive the highest quality aesthetics training for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses? At Cosmetic Clinic Academy, we offer systematic, tailored teaching programs which covers all aspects of theory as well as higher concepts. All of Cosmetics Clinic Academy are very hands on. These are taught in a safe environment where you, as practitioners, can develop skills, ask any questions and build confidence, enabling you to go on to safely achieve excellent results in your own clinics. All our courses enable the you to grow in their practice of Aesthetic Medicine and therefore the courses can be taken as Intermediate, Advanced and Bespoke programs.

With many decades of clinical experience, our faculty of expert doctors and surgeons will help guide you through both psychological and practical aspects of all aesthetic treatments taught, including complications and best of all, how to avoid them in the first place!

Our courses are strictly limited in numbers for intermediate and advanced training; you will be able to receive personalised instruction and hands training. Intermediate and advanced training will be personalised and individualised for each delegate so that they can get the one on one training needed. Each delegate will have discussions with our expert trainers to ensure they have reached a detailed understanding of the learning material. Also, every stage of the hands-on training will be taught by our experts and then our trainers will make sure that you can deliver and practice as safely as possible. Cosmetics Clinic Academy is committed to providing you with a personalised teaching program with hands on experience that is unrivalled. To ensure that you can practice the latest techniques and achieve the best quality results for your clients. This will enable you to achieve confidence and grow as practitioners, which in turn will help you and your clinics and establish a successful business in Aesthetic Medicine. All our courses cover the philosophy of aesthetics medicine, ethics, business development and managing complications. On completion of our courses, all delegates will have access to online teaching material and access to a forum offering ongoing advice and support throughout your careers.

For All Our Courses, You Can Expect To Receive:

  • Certificates and CPD points.
  • You will receive reading material in pre-course build up.
  • Access to an online program in ‘Practice Management’.
  • A 10% discount on your aesthetics insurance with Hamilton Fraser
  • Aftercare and ongoing, free of charge support and advice
  • A 15% discount to all bolt on courses within the initial 6 months

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